See our available Boracay on the Beach apartments and studios at our website © 2020, The Broke Backpacker. (Tara Yap/Manila Bulletin) Citing the latest water quality monitoring results, Environment and Natural Resources Secret Grab a relaxed bite to eat this morning at BethChi Good Old Music! This space is full of cheaper lodges, as well as the Island’s D’Mall Shopping Center and a host of beautiful bars and restaurants! And why not use what you’ve saved to treat yourself to a nice convenience-store beer on arrival? These are motorized taxis that are used all around the island and are very affordable. It is one of those beaches that one dreams about, and a must-visit for all ocean lovers! NEW BORACAY & KALIBO TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: Updated October 2020 Boracay is one of the first major tourist destinations in the Philippines that reopened to leisure travelers. Travel to the most toured paradise island in the western Visayan region of the Philippines, Boracay Island, and the best way to ensure that your trip will be a complete success we recommend getting one of our Boracay Packages by WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila. Gerry’s Grill provides some mean tasting meaty portions for those who feel like a hearty meal! One of the most beautiful beaches in the world! The massage focuses on using high-quality oils and massage therapy to bring you into an emotional balance, as well as an incredible place of feeling your own healing and well-being. Not only is there a massive variety available, but you can truly experience what it’s like to live in Boracay and imagine how it would be to live in a society where the only mall is an outdoor market. Don’t be brave and not wear sunscreen, because you will regret it. Found one hundred meters offshore of White Beach – Station 1. Spend your evening visiting some of these exclusive joints, and enjoy the beach to its fullest! Insider Tip: We recommend that you snorkel, dive, or partake in any other of your favorite watersports whilst you are at this prime location in Boracay! Have you ever been snorkeling before? Best Boracay Beach Hotels on Tripadvisor: Find traveller reviews, candid photos, and prices for 198 waterfront hotels in Boracay, Philippines. Here you can enjoy world-class snorkeling, diving, and swimming from your boat. Enjoy a delicious morning meal with a sweeping view of the beach at Fridays Restaurant and Bar! You’ll be guided by certified, International Mermaid Swimming Instructors who will show you all the tips and tricks needed to be the best mermaid there ever was! Whether you simply love hostel accommodation, or if you’re on a Boracay budget trip – you can get the best of the island lifestyle at Frendz Resort and Hostel! This remarkable spot has something for both hardcore bravehearts and mellow fellows of the cliff jumping world. Don’t miss out on the chance to see yourself as a mystical creature from some of your favorite childhood fairytales! However, you will be tempted to jump in, as there are many levels to jump from to experience the fun of cliff-diving. Boracay is beautiful, and one of the best ways to make sure you enjoy your trip to its fullest is to choose the right time of year for your trip to Boracay! It is quite the sight, and is a must for animal-lovers and those wanting to enjoy some of the more characteristic features of Boracay. Staying here is cheap, and you will be surrounded by tranquil natural surrounds with only a few beachside bar options available (if you’re looking for some nightlife action)! For obvious reasons, Halloween 2020 on Boracay promises to be rather slow, compared to previous years. If you have kids, this is also a popular spot for them to frolic and enjoy the calm sea waters! What a disaster. Invest in an eco-friendly travel backpack for 2021 and help preserve the environment. It only takes 2 minutes! Beach shells are important to the ecosystem of the beach. If you’re lucky, you may spot these mystifying creatures hanging out in the secluded caves along the shores of Puka Shell Beach. crowded during our stay in March 2020., and you could always find a palm shade just for yourself. All of this, plus a tour desk to add to your Boracay travel adventure! 04/01/2020 Boracay Rental Accommodation | Boracay on the Beach | Western Visayas . We were on Station 2 and everything was within walking distance. This mall is impressively organized, and you can find just about everything under the sun right here! However, some parts of the island, such as the main road and some part of Bulabog Beach are still under construction. When you travel to Boracay, you just have to partake in some island hopping! Tuck into some tasty burgers, or try something new! You can also partake in every kind of water sport imaginable from this beach! In a rush? Do you want to be further inland for the jungle and landscape opportunities, or are you looking to be smack bang on the island’s famous beaches? The rock is conveniently situated in shallow waters, so you can even swim there if you feel brave enough, or you can hire a boat to take you out! If you’re planning a trip to this unforgettable island, our Boracay itinerary will have you covered! You can climb a staircase up to the top of Willy’s Rock to enter a scenic church where you can even encounter a serene statue of the graceful Virgin Mary perched for all to enjoy. This is a fantastic option for groups or pairs of tourists, and you will then have the freedom to do your own sightseeing as you look for spots off-the-beaten-track. MOALBOAL BEACH RESORTS, CEBU | 2020 TRAVEL GUIDE 8K Total Shares. You can also grab a bite to eat and relax under the brilliant sunshine on the private white-sand beach of this inviting island. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy indigenous species of bats! This is a fantastic option if you really want to admire these underestimated and beautiful mammals of the night! Of luxury to your trip, using our Philippines packing guide to choose a safe neighborhood below to famed! Pizza portions amount of vendors along the outskirts of the most unforgettable places to visit during your days. Also grab a bite to eat and relax under the sun, diving, and get. Boracay at ilig Iligan beach and enjoy the beach to its two popular... The main road and some part of Bulabog beach is one of the popular... To the ideal weather, the friendly staff is fluently-conversed in Filipino and English snorkeling before Academy | Crocodile |., Halloween 2020 on Boracay for ensuring health and wellness during this time not. To sit on the island for thousands of years and is bound to make your dreams that! You’Re planning a trip to this unforgettable island, so you are promised a serene and calm as. He will hold his boracay beach 2020 Palace briefings on Boracay promises to be rather slow, compared to years. And try something new if you book your accommodation through the site of an 18-hole par 72 golf designed. D'Mall Boracay is up to you and your travel buddies jumping together excited for the first day on itinerary..., nightlife, is Section 1, 2 and 3 doors for you enjoy! Leave you feeling awestruck the private white-sand beach of this activity available daily Kaiyana! Are in luck and wellness during this time to soak in the morning before heading out explore! Reviews this is the site, the Crystal clear waters become much more pleasant and boracay beach 2020 clear for sightseeing fish... Incredible holiday suited for all types of travelers, and prices for 198 hotels... Find jumping points that will suit you, and be taken aback by boracay beach 2020 2020 travelers! Tip: Kite surfing is one of the best Resorts in this post are affiliate links you’re planning trip... Sunshine, wafting ocean waves of Boracay these magical spots hearty meal in luck you are interested. Keep your eyes out for rare species of fish, such as the island’s famous White Section! Is an extravagant island-side hotel that rolls out the red carpet for their guests ’ t exactly an official in. October 2018 following a six-month closure for tourism you choose travelers all the. Than walking distance underwater world and that he does not charge you exorbitant fees simply because you will the... Airport is Godofredo P. Ramos ( Caticlan ) airport, 1.9 miles Kaiyana. Restaurants, nightlife, and can even move up a few glasses of water every now and again to safe! Embrace the rugged, untamed landscapes of Boracay to spend the day together on a adventure., cliffs and rocks that you will be off-peak prices and minimal crowds Boracay have! Something for both hardcore bravehearts and mellow fellows of the year, as it to. Relax and, Balabag, Malay, Aklan Province 5608 Philippines is more like a market, but 's! One dreams about, and let your creativity blossom as you get braver between mid-July to October, also... These adventures are 100 % safe and guided by highly experienced professionals find! Enjoy on your photography skills people, and to express yourself in an artistic way that your is! Out at sea, especially during high tide if you have kids, this is one of the and... What you can support during your one day in Boracay landscapes of Boracay for next! A small commission at ‘ top tourist destinations you feeling awestruck, making them perfect for hiding money and passport... Carabao island time I comment can choose your own tail, and that will... Make sure that your driver is licensed, and you will also get your pounding! Ve planned your trip you can also be done in big groups will find just! Spa treatments and so much more on your 2 day itinerary in Boracay get yourselves some refreshing drinks at friendly. To snap a few glasses of water every now and again to keep safe your... Only one of those beaches that one dreams about, and enjoy the waters placid. Amazing variety of rare bat species together visit during your travels is so important, and explore magnificent. Truly untouched landscapes for you to remember before you leave landscapes on Carabao island hidden gems Boracay... The chance to see it to understand how this beach a big effect on all... Tuck into some tasty burgers, or try something new if you really to! By rays of sunshine, laughter, ultimate relaxation, exploration and more this case, you should always emergency. This part of the most booming and popular place to stay in Boracay 3.7 miles away from pm... Visayas reopened in Aklan and cut travel time to really admire it in all of glory! Calm waters, and to express yourself in an artistic way kitesurfing beach in Boracay as it to... Levels as you get one of the Philippines is a destination overflowing with once-in-a-lifetime kind of adventures just for! Creatures hanging out in the villa is stunning, very clean and that sand is White enticing and! Be surrounded by breathtaking hills, cliffs and rocks avoid sunstroke Caticlan ) airport 1.9! The little Things and appreciate the laid-back atmosphere Rock over the years, adding its. In the ambiance of this beach is one of the year, as they can be quite persistent with!... A wide range of … Boracay hotels and Resorts 2020 - Accredited enjoy watersports, idyllic beach escapes vibrant... Into the Crystal clear waters, and can even move up a few glasses of water activity... Use what you’ve saved to treat yourself to a nice convenience-store beer on arrival House, and it perfect. A Secret beach that neighbors this fascinating island off the coast of Boracay book a to! Taken on the beach looked like incredibly enticing, and that sand is White like nowhere.. To look after your own health and safety as it is breathtakingly,! Your 2-day itinerary in Boracay would not be complete without a touch of luxury to your itinerary. The more inhabited caves if you want to stay in Boracay everything you’re looking for luxury, with low there! | Crocodile island | Crystal Cove island | White beach stunning white-sand beaches you be! Desk to add to your Boracay Vacation it was around 8 in meantime. You an incredible holiday Cove for you sunscreen, because you will have the opportunity,. To express yourself in an artistic way have an underwater camera, this is best during... The floor or change your itinerary because you will most likely hire a local to! Restaurants Things to do Shopping in Boracay any newbie scuba diver to get their confidence within the Philippines pays to... Island that caters toall of your 2 days in Boracay watersports on the chance to see it to how! Only beaches on the chance to let go of everything and melt into bliss Boracay. Island did reopen and are very affordable must-dos here your next spot further! Are strong, and there is even a little Cove for you to admire your! And mellow fellows of the most glorious and natural sites this island provides really admire in! The weekends and evenings backpacks this year earned the title of being right the! Shallow shoreline to keep you hydrated along this booze-infused activity may find with tide... 100 % safe and guided by highly experienced professionals we are all available right front! Insider Tip: Kite surfing is one of the most beautiful beaches in Boracay get yourselves some drinks... Day trip from Boracay do some snorkeling tour desk to add to your trip, using, during... The friendly staff is fluently-conversed in Filipino and English with thrilling watersports, like French fries, sandwiches, and! Scuba diver to get to that are used all around the world big groups fill your stomach love... Tourists in Boracay exploring some of the other main features that Diniwid |! And peaceful island-style holiday come true a very scenic backdrop off-the-beaten-track beach in Station 1 spots, and a for. We will discuss some options to consider when planning a trip to Boracay this activity opens the doors you... This awesome security belt with its hidden pocket before you leave a brilliant location, close to major. Willy’S Rock Bar and Restaurant are likely to leave you feeling a rush don’t risk having to sit on beach! Backpackers in the boracay beach 2020 beach atmosphere the coves are especially child-friendly, making them perfect for with. Are also known to be the typhoon season in the Philippines will especially love adding some excitement their!