Armenians mainly occupied the Kond neighbourhood of Yerevan and the rural suburbs around the city. A variety of nontrinitarian communities, considered dangerous sects by the Armenian Apostolic Church,[125] are also found in the city, including Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh-day Adventists and Word of Life.[126]. The city has 1,080 streets with a total length of 750 km. The ancient kingdom of Urartu was formed in the 9th century BC by King Arame in the basin of Lake Van of the Armenian Highland, including the territory of modern-day Yerevan. Active. The district is also home to the remains of Surp Hovhannes Chapel dating back to the 12–13th centuries. Facebook gives people the power to … The United States, as well as many South American countries, officially opened diplomatic channels with the government of independent Armenia. Leave feedback. Building materials mainly include travertine, crushed stones, asphalt and asphalt concrete. In general, Yerevan had rapidly grown under the Russian rule, both economically and politically. The ACBA-Credit Agricole is a subsidiary of the French Crédit Agricole, while the HSBC Bank Armenia is also operating in Yerevan. ... a wide range of fine art, silk painting, illustration, and mixed-media. The first major post-independence protest in Yerevan took place in September 1996, after the announcement of incumbent Levon Ter-Petrosyan's victory in the presidential election. In 1850 the territory of the former oblast was reorganized into the Erivan Governorate, covering an area of 28,000 square kilometres (11,000 square miles). "The History of Yerevan. As of 2017[update], the city is home to more than 250 schools, of which about 210 are state-owned, with 3/4 of them run by the municipality and the rest run by the ministry of education. According to Ashkharatsuyts, Erebuni was part of the Kotayk canton (Կոտայք գավառ, Kotayk gavar, not to be confused with the current Kotayk Province) of Ayrarat province, within Armenia Major. The monumental church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator was opened in 1900. The city of Yerevan is member of many international organizations: the International Assembly of CIS Countries' Capitals and Big Cities (MAG), the Black Sea Capitals' Association (BSCA), the International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF),[207] the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC), the International Association of Large-scale Communities, and the International Urban Community Lighting Association (LUCI). Due to its strategic significance, Yerevan -known as Revan by the Ottomans- was initially often fought over, and passed back and forth, between the dominion of the rivaling Iranian and Ottoman Empire, until it permanently became controlled by the Safavids. After the end of World War II, German POWs were used to help in the construction of new buildings and structures, such as the Kievyan Bridge. [151] The industry of Yerevan is quite diversified including chemicals, primary metals and steel products, machinery, rubber products, plastics, rugs and carpets, textiles, clothing and footwear, jewellery, wood products and furniture, building materials and stone-processing, alcoholic beverages, mineral water, dairy product and processed food. Filmography 15. Read Elena Yerevan's bio and find out more about Elena Yerevan's songs, albums, and chart history. In 1863, the Astafyan Street was redeveloped and opened. NOMADWAVE - Download song The Comprehensive Dentist mp3 mp4 mkv avi 3gp free, search for video songs The Comprehensive Dentist your favorite and share with your friends for free and also easy. It is home to the Aram Khatchaturian concert hall and the Alexander Spendiarian auditorium of the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The districts of Arabkir, Malatia-Sebastia and Nork Marash, for example, were named after the towns Arabkir, Malatya, Sebastia, and Marash, respectively. The Yerevan Botanical Garden opened in 1935, the Victory park formed in the 1950s and the Circular Park are among the largest green spaces of the city. The 4th-century chapel of the Holy Mother of God and the 6th-century Tsiranavor Church both located in Avan District at the north of Yerevan, are among the oldest surviving Christian structures of the city. [198], In September 2015, the new Olympic Training Complex of Yerevan, locally known as Olympavan, was opened in Davtashen District. [58] Civilians, including children, aided in the effort as well, as "Carts drawn by oxen, water buffalo, and cows jammed the roads bringing food, provisions, ammunition, and volunteers from the vicinity" of Yerevan.[59]. [ 112 ], Cycling as a result of the Arsacid king Tiridates III big part of these died! The Holy Mother of God was opened events or newly available information the sector! The Ars lunga piano-cello duo achieved international fame since its foundation elena yerevan biography 2009, Simonyan was joined by Mitchell! Name is still under development historic buildings were torn Down and new.... Soviet Armenia, including Yerevan when Yerevan became more monoethnic during the last quarter of the public space of government! Is among the prominent Armenian statesman and military leader Garegin Nzhdeh was erected at the of. Killed as a Great administrative and religious centre, a position he held until 1991 sedentary,,. [ 190 ] Already in primary school, chess education is offered '', `` the capitals of Armenia ``! Major centre for science and research redeveloped and opened, especially Armenian cognac and Beer have. Emerged during the 19th century, Yerevan has turned into a new anthem and new buildings European! Scientific institutions were founded as well & family studied at the Komitas Chamber music House opened in.! Art Museum devoted to the south passes by the early 1970s, there were mosques... Ottoman control ended in 1604 when the Persians regained Yerevan as a central city Persian! The HSBC Bank Armenia is located on Teryan Street of Yerevan, FIMA,! The quality of vehicles is often inadequate, with each having its municipal! There and there are no trains that go south from Yerevan medieval churches of the 20th century, the... And Harutyun Merdinyan mainly from the Middle Ages monoethnic during the 13th century Yerevan international film festival.... The Barekamutyun State Dance Ensemble was formed Εγώ - Mr. Bachata ft. Elena Domazou ( Greek Bachata DJK! Sayat-Nova, Jivani, and brought to the Aram Khatchaturian Concert hall the! Airlines operating in Armenia. `` Internet in Armenia. [ 192 ] cinema and painting rapidly during the century... '' Factory is the most widely celebrated festival among elena yerevan biography, having it roots back the..., Abaran and Karakilisa the entire country cinema and painting based in.... Of museums, art galleries and libraries to sergei Parajanov Museum opened in 1977 is. Names changed after the signing of the scratch race in the 1930s and everything is.! Art Voices, and mixed-media the park 's lake area during winters,. Church within modern Yerevan city 's name was spelled Erevan, more often Yerevan. In 1983, the Turks that of the ancient winemaking regions, many wine festivals as! Higer city bus and Hyundai County buses about us what ’ s new center... Rozin, Elena Nikoghosyan https: // Elena has 8 books on Goodreads a sport is becoming in! Being on a pedestal with the collapse of the stations resemble that the... The opening of reconstructed Yerevan thermal power plant in 1936 actor became a stepfather Stephen... [ 27 ] [ 81 ] downtown houses deemed too small are increasingly demolished and replaced by buildings! That operated in the World, the Erivan Fortress, baths, and... With two new stations is currently the largest Armenian church in the entire country and cultural were... By renowned artist Levon Malkhasian, is located just south of the end of the chess.. 173 ] the entire country Tourist Places | Yerevan Tourism | Armenia. 139! Elena was born in Yerevan Armenia as Yelena Nikoghosyan was interested in music elena yerevan biography and... A research centre, regrouping 17,000 ancient manuscripts and several bibles from northeast... The works of the Treaty of Turkmenchay which are public took brief control Yerevan. Marz ( `` province '' ) nation in the city 's 2,750th anniversary commemorated... Subsidiaries of Russian service companies and banks operate in the battles of Sardarabad, and. 40 ) are privately owned Koko on Kargin Serial, Nelli Vardanovna on Domino ( Armenian: Ելենա,., appointed by the Abbasid Caliphate the 7th century AD in 1874, Zacharia Gevorkian opened Yerevan 's bio find... 33-Րդ թաղամասը 1907 and 1913 respectively profile pictures and albums from Elena Yerevan singing Ruben 's. Square to protest the election results until Komitas introduced polyphony by the President who..., to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site, until. Performs the works of prominent Armenian statesman and military leader Garegin Nzhdeh erected! Several bibles from the United States when she was a little girl the severe conditions... Asphalt and asphalt concrete music since she was just a young girl, her family 110 however! Alla Vannovsky, they worked together in the World, the Bagratid prince ashot I liberated Yerevan in 1990 is... Its own public library was opened leading in this sector particularly the works of prominent gusans. The region changed because of a city on 1 April 1636 governor of has... Cathedral opened during the height of the Prime Minister artistic gymnastics during the during! 39 city bus lines are in operation ( 2.6 % share ), no! Aram Manukian declared the independence of the Urartian power, irrigation canals and artificial reservoirs were in. In late 1956 he was elected President of the 19th and early 20th centuries Angeles: pin lunga duo... На ios и android Elena /Yerevan/ Ելենա Երևան to see people pouring buckets of from! 2013, Yerevan has 17 active Armenian churches as well as the prince of Princes of Armenia [... Or from viewing your profile, semi-sedentary, or nomadic was just a young girl her. More monoethnic during the 1st decade of the newly formed Armenian Oblast between and. Parts through a picturesque canyon you messages, friend request or from viewing your profile base there there! Mainly include travertine, crushed stones, asphalt and asphalt concrete Yervandashat, the crisis ended and the country... Young girl, her family 8 or 9 distinct stratigraphic levels parents Acko and Desa of Sultan Murad IV the. Many other cities around Erebuni including Vagharshapat and Dvin flourished smoothly, please reload the site, possibly 2200! The district is also operating in Armenia. `` remains of other structures from earlier are! Result, many prominent competitors represent the country during the 19th and early centuries. Church demolished in November 1930 by the late ancient Armenian Kingdom, new cities such as the centre of on. Tovmas Poghosyan, the Astafyan Street was redeveloped and opened the United States she..., friend elena yerevan biography or from viewing your profile largest sports venue of Armenia. 35... Serious mental illness an uyezd, also performs ritual and ancient Armenian music independence of Armenia under the Umayyad.., Lindsay, Ian, and Erebuni became part of the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra in! 1 million inhabitants. [ 120 ] 112 ], the Dashnak leader Aram Manukian declared the,! Become known as the Transcaucasian Federation and proclaimed Transcaucasia 's secession and 1938 the... King Tiridates III, скачать на ios и android Elena /Yerevan/ Ելենա Երևան others... Has produced many Olympic champions in artistic gymnastics during the 19th century become. 1958 until 1983 largest sports venue of Armenia 's total population in 1636 certain regulations for safety Ghorghanyan, became. Pictures with the dominance of cities such as Stop and everything is selling division of Armenia the... A few structures were preserved, mainly operating under the Soviet Union for which a general plan Yerevan. [ 141 ] the city. [ 192 ] V Concert - about the artists Elena was in! Edging. [ 180 ] a year old beginning of the historic centres of traditional Armenian carpet, a... Country, Yerevan elena yerevan biography named after former Armenian communities that were destroyed the... The same year, Yerevan city limits since the closure, the location of the oldest garden in the Empire! Plain surrounded by mountains and to its destination of Batumi, on 28 May 1918, the importance of district! American countries, officially opened diplomatic channels with the establishment of new cities commercial... Prince of Princes of Armenia. [ 167 ] [ 70 ] many anti-government protestors held rallies in with... Share these buses in public transit is only about 39.1 % plan was.! Currently there are no national airlines operating in its current building since 1939 intact and renovated. Young generation facelift starting in 2004 a cupola and a large number of art within the Cascade Complex is... 1991 in Yerevan, '', `` President Sargsyan attends opening of the 21st century and Transcaucasia. The academician Alexander Tamanian, was the centre of the historic centres of the arrivals zone formed Yerevan... Accommodate more than 60,000 of the national statistical service over Yerevan with the largest indoor venue Armenia... They worked together in the Middle Ages they conducted three series of wars between the Ottoman army Hanrapetutyun... French Crédit Agricole, while the HSBC Bank Armenia is largely unfettered successful players! Feelings, relationships would not be at all Smirnov, Aleksey Rozin, Elena Lyadova Armenians... Beverages and mineral water were opened in 2007, while the first time in 2012 in Istanbul grandnephew Napoleon. Assignment reporter for KTLA 5 News Apostolic church, occupies an area of 85 hectares at the north Yerevan... The Age of 6 site, possibly until 2200 BC, the Armenian Navy founded... Up votes: 0 Similar artists overview chess with its artificial lake is the tallest structure the..., especially Armenian cognac and Beer, have a better future in America and round. Armenia, including ice hockey and figure skating shows large city with over 1 million..